Due to covid19 we have made some changes to how we buy items to insure everyone’s safety. If you have items you want to sell you must email us photos first. We will respond and inform you whether or not we are interested in your items. If we are interested, you can bring your items in anytime during our regular business hours, no appointment necessary. Once at The Barn please do not bring your items into the building. Call 905-822-6574 from outside. We will send someone out to you. We will look at your items outside. Therefore it is best to come when it’s not raining. We will no longer go to your home to have a look at your items for safety reasons. Thank you.

We Buy Antiques: How it Works

We buy full and partial estates, as well as individual antique pieces. We only buy antiques outright, we don’t take items on consignment. The best approach is to email us photos of the items you want to sell. Please include your phone number, and any relevant information. Examples of relevant information include: dimensions, number of pieces, condition, location-for larger items, the price you are looking to receive, etc.. We do not quote prices or ballpark prices from photos. From photos we will be able to tell you whether we are interested in your item[s], and if you should bring them in for a quote, or if we are willing to go to you and have a look. Every email we receive does get a response, usually within 48 hours. Alternatively you can just bring items in anytime and we will quote you a price if interested, appointments are not necessary. For a better idea of what kind of items we buy, and what we don’t, please scroll down this page. There you will see partial lists of common items, just to get a sense of what we buy.

What We Buy

  • All sterling silver except coins and jewelry
  • Complete large silver plate tea sets
  • Antique signs and advertising
  • All types of antique lighting-chandeliers, lamps, wall sconces, oil lamps, etc.
  • Complete sets of china-8 or more settings
  • Most antique furniture-in good condition
  • Industrial items
  • Store fixtures
  • Antique outdoor items-urns, benches, plant stands, cast iron pieces, etc.
  • Bronze sculptures
  • Antique items including:
    • tredle sewing machines, featherweights, ashtray stands, manual typewriters, all kind of boxes and crates-jewelry, apple, butter, etc., snow shoes, wood skies, grandfather clocks, fire screens, fireplace poker sets, crocks, sewing cabinets, etc.
  • Any unusual antique items-the stranger the better
  • Architectural items: stained glass windows, fireplace mantles, iron grates, iron fencing, iron gates, corbels, shutters, hardware, mailboxes, etc.
  • Mirrors
  • Antique toys
  • Old wood boards – in large quantity only

What We Don’t Buy

  • Used furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Coins and stamps
  • Collector’s plates
  • Porcelain dolls
  • Some antique furniture-formal dining sets aren’t in demand these days
  • Used items – We often get offered items bought at stores like Homesense or Pier One Imports, we don’t buy those type of items.