New Stock Arrives Daily

While we don’t have time to take and post pictures of the dozens of new pieces that arrive every week, we will attempt to give a quick weekly update on some of the new arrivals, and include a picture or two of our favorite pieces of the week. If you want to see all the new arrivals you’ll just have to pay us a visit.

July 16, 2018

We have had a nice run of artwork at The Barn lately and it continued this week with 2 signed and numbered Walter Campbell prints, a lovely watercolour lighthouse scene by James A. Mitchell, and 15 assorted etchings. A photo is attached of a lot of keys that arrived this week, keys are very popular and always sell out quickly- be warned. Lots of stuff to sit on came in this week including: 2 swivel office chairs-1 Krug, a cast iron outdoor bench painted blue-a photo is attached, a 3 piece outdoor bistro set painted green, 3 bamboo bar stools, a nice pair of hall chairs, and an unusual pair of oak side chairs. A photo is attached of an Asian portable brass noodle cart and an oak wall phone in excellent condition that showed up this week. Other antique arrivals this week include: a great iron and wood wheelbarrow, a large sterling silver fruit bowl, a pair of Victorian lusters, a cedar cedar chest, an Asian style chest, a retro chest of drawers, a large milk can, an oak entrance table, an oak parlour table, a nice walnut vanity, a pair of marble top lamp tables, two sets of canoe paddles, and lots more. The award for most unusual item of the week goes to a four headed Beaver gumball machine.

July 9, 2018

There was more outdoor arrivals this week including 2 bistro sets, a cast aluminum table and chairs set, an arrow back porch bench, outdoor candle holders, and some metal wall art. Two terrific hand coloured prints by Hy Sandham showed up this week. They are from The Canadian Illustrated news dated 1870 and 1871. Antique furniture arrivals this week include: 2 mahogany china cabinets- one is inlaid-a photo is attached, a pine and iron coffee chest, a Queen Ann vitrine, an oval tea table, a bow front Victorian dresser, Victorian washstand, Art deco cedar chest, primitive pine blanker box, assorted chairs and bar stools including a pair of needlepoint Victorian chairs, an unusual table desk, Queen Ann lamp table, and a retro recliner and stool. Lots of good antique smalls arrived this week, a photo is attached of some of the extras that we didn’t have room for so we put them in a wardrobe. There is lots more including: 3 box fulls of antique and vintage cameras, Lots of cups and saucers [Coalport, Royal Albert, Hammersley, Aynsley, Wedgwood, Imari, Royal Grafton, Royal Stafford, Royal Winton, Limoges], assorted china, a Capodemonti style lamp, a pair of crystal sideboard lamps, and 2 mid century Nippon lamps. Even more arrivals include: a nice working tredle sewing machine, lots of cast iron candle holders, a steel log holder, iron poker set, three 1930’s typewriters including a Remington in a case, and a shabby sheik door. The award for most unusual item of the week goes to a 5 piece Sunday school teacher’s station.

July 2, 2018

This week 2 sets of Birks sterling Louie XV flatware came in, a 50 piece set and a 77 piece set. They could be combined to make one fantastic large sterling set-a photo is attached. We often buy out full and partial estates, and sometimes do to the large number of new arrivals every week they wind up going into one of our warehouses and don’t get put out on display for months or even years sometimes. Two months ago we bought out a large estate full of fantastic French antiques, the first piece finally came in this week, a Louie XV desk-a photo is attached. More pieces will come in eventually! Other antique arrivals this week include: a Russian samovar, an English oak student’s desk, portable typewriter, a pair of crystal bedroom lamps, a nice walnut cedar chest, retro maple student’s desk, half moon table, walnut magazine rack, 2 outdoor cement bird baths, 11 small pulleys, a large Russian kettle, red leather finger roll chair, leather top coffee table, lots of silver plated flatware, small bookcase, a funky pair of blue Victorian bedroom chairs with fringe, a set of 6 oak kitchen chairs, 9 drawer cherry dresser with mirror, and lots more. We sold out of the bobblehead garden gnomes again, so we got in another batch, pretty soon everyone in the neighbourhood is going to have one. And outdoor elephants are back in stock!

June 25, 2018

A big shipment of reclaimed wood and new furniture showed up from Vancouver this week including: dinning room tables and chairs, benches, media units, a writing desk [all from the Irish Coast line], Cruz benches and a dinning table, a Workshop bar-a photo is attached, and a couple of new items; a Renaissance dinning table that is 8′ long, and a Postman wall décor. The Postman wall décor is a cool multi divided box for displaying knickknacks. The Cintra sideboards were a hit, so we restocked them in both the large and small sizes. Details for many of these items can be found on our Reproductions page, or you can come in and have a look. More outdoor items showed up this week including: a 3 piece bistro set, urns, iron bird baths, another big batch of metal birds[flamingos, pelicans, herons, and cranes], and a pair of cast aluminum planters with funky plastic trees and LED lights-a photo is attached. Antique arrivals this week include: some Canadiana pine pieces[dry sink, wash stand, and large 2 door jam cupboard], a Chippendale kneehole desk, a walnut chest of drawers, a lot from The North American Furniture company of Owen sound [ a chest of drawers, a dresser and mirror, and a large shaving mirror], a decorative 1950’s ice cream maker, a crockery umbrella stand, a spectacular wicker table with a large round glass top, 6 x 5′ pieces of iron fencing, a wardrobe trunk, assorted chairs and mirrors, and a lot of vintage tools.

June 18, 2018

Tis the season, more outdoor arrivals this week including metal owls, frogs, parrots, pelicans, roosters, and three baby owls on a branch-a photo is attached. The bobble head garden gnomes have been a big hit, so we got in another batch this week, and a whole bunch of new smaller gnomes as well-a photo is attached. Antique furniture arrivals this week include: a fantastic oak Jacobean twist fern stand, 2 nice inlaid Hespeler commodes with matching mirrors, 2 oak library desks, 2 cedar chests[1 walnut, 1 Art Deco], a princess dresser, trunks, an extra large toybox, 3 terrific 1/4 cut oak and leather side chairs, a half moon table, an open bookcase, and lots of assorted mirrors. Antique odds and ends this week include: a large pair of Capo de Monte lamps, a bowl and pitcher, a nice supply of old tools, some polished copper pans, buckets, a magazine rack, a pair of large cast iron brackets, 2 cross cut saws, a civil war bayonet, a guitar, iron wine rack, iron log holder, iron garden décor pieces, a lot of straight razors, copper and brass planters, a fire screen, assorted china including some odd tea pots and tea sets, and lots more. A photo of the most unusual item of the week is attached: a vintage baseball set in a glass and wood display case.

June 11, 2018

This week a load of solid pine furniture came in from Springwater Ontario. Springwater is one of our oldest suppliers. All their finishes are water based, a wide assortment of colours can be ordered upon request. Springwater arrivals include: tall sideboards in 4 colours, tater bins, milk benches, bucket benches, 3 & 5 hook coat racks, a sawhorse desk, a panelled coffee table, wooden Canadian flags, ladder shelves, 2,3,&4 cube cubbies, and new items including a Farmhouse cabinet, a funky plank shelf coat rack combo, an Orr curio cabinet, and a new sideboard in grey over black. Lots of antique lighting came in this week including: 3 crystal chandeliers- one had a matching wall sconce, an unusual oil lamp, a pair of figure lamps, and lots more desk lamps, table lamps, and pairs of lamps. Chairs and ladders showed up including rung ladders, step ladders, Windsor chairs, fiddle back chairs, a fantastic inlaid slipper chair, and lots more chairs. Even more antique arrivals include: an oak wall phone, lots of large and small prints and paintings including some water colours, copper kettles and boilers, lots of cups and saucers, sealers, cigar boxes, 2 lots of antique tools, 2 student’s desks, an oak adjustable school desk, a cast iron pedestal sink, a brass clock, assorted cast iron pieces, 2 iron fire screens, assorted mirrors and smalls, 4 cabinet doors, a primitive tobacco cutter, and lots more. The award for most unusual item[s] of the week goes to 5 LePage communion sets in oak cases, patented 1896 Toronto- a photo of one is attached.

June 4, 2018

This week we got in a big batch of replica tin signs, some old favorites and lots of new ones. The humorous signs are our best sellers so we stocked up, other arrivals include: superhero, video game, coke, beer/wine/alcohol, cabin, garage, vintage advertising, farming, automotive, and many others that defy categorization. We brought in a bunch of odd antique bedroom pieces this week including: a walnut dresser and mirror, a mahogany dresser and mirror, 2 Eastlake dressers-one with a mirror, and a small oak chest of drawers. Other antique furniture arrivals include: a nice solid walnut server, an equally nice oak rocking chair, pedestal lamp table, oval lamp table, a trunk, arrow back deacon’s bench, folding bookcase, wicker chairs, a leather top kneehole desk-made in Collingwood, tea table with tray, serving table with tray, and an oval roped edge tea table. More antique arrivals include: lots and lots of cups and saucers, a gone with the wind lamp, a retro sleigh, a box of antique eye glasses, a Perfecto 30lbs. scale, lanterns, planters, candle holders, large vases, a wash board, a pair of candle lanterns, assorted crystal, 2 ash cans, assorted lamps, and lots more. The award for most unusual item of the week goes to a parlour croquet set in a wooden box, its for playing croquet on a table top.

May 28, 2018

More great new outdoor items arrived this week including teak benches and coffee tables-a photo is attached, pairs of faux finished urns-a photo is attached, very colourful metal roosters, wicker chairs, and a pair of glider chairs. Our most popular new giftware line is called Mariposa, and we got a shipment this week. It’s all solid wood and hand carved, arrivals include: lots of jewelry boxes, tribal masks, cats, dogs, ducks, skulls, motorcycles, happy Buddha’s, and more-a photo is attached. Way too many antique arrivals this week to list everything, but some of the highlights include: a primitive pine double flour bin cabinet, a French style rotary phone, oval mahogany banded coffee table, Gibbard solid walnut queen bed, mahogany drum table, a sleigh, a nice pine coffee table and matching hall table, walnut smoker, 2 bronze figures, chandeliers and candelabras, a brass fire extinguisher, a single pine bed, a nicely framed nude painting, assorted smalls including a cruet set, crocks, Asian themed china and lots more, plus lots more furniture. We know from the feedback we get that many of our customers read this page regularly. It is written once a week as a recap of new arrivals, however many items sell in their first week and never get mentioned on this page. As an example some of the items that arrived this week and have already been sold include: a collection of outdoor cement statues and fountains, a collection of Royal Doulton figurines, and lots of smalls and furniture. So if you want to get your hands on the newest items you have to come in regularly, or if there is something specific you are looking for leave your name in our request book and we will give you a call when it shows up.

May 21, 2018

Lots and lots of new outdoor items this week, some photos are attached. New outdoor arrivals include: funky wall planters- fish and turtle, garden benches, tete a tete benches, a pair of cool floor model lanterns, pairs of steal planters, tree stump planters, 2 black wicker chairs, 3 iron planters, 2 brass planters, 2 iron and wood chairs, and a galvanized beer tub that would make a great planter. We’ve also restocked some outdoor items that had sold out: bobble head garden gnomes, metal elephants, pigs, and horses which are a new addition. A bunch of large framed painting and prints came in, many with nice guilt frames. Lots of lighting show up including: a Maria Christina style crystal chandelier, 2 floor lamps, an exceptional glass desk lamp, a figurine lamp, a pair of electrified oil lamps, and a pool table light fixture. Other antique arrivals include: a mint condition solid cherry games table, a carved clover leaf table, a 3 tier mahogany table, a spool lamp table, a large steamer trunk, a child’s wooden wagon, a bunch of gilt mirrors, a Canada dry crate, umbrella stand, assorted smalls including a bunch of large vases, three tongue and grooved barn doors and lots more.

May 14, 2018

It was one of those weeks at The Barn, everything that was supposed to show up got delayed. When that happens we just bring in more stuff from storage. A note to everyone who has been waiting for some of our more popular outdoor items that we are sold out of, they should be in sometime this week. We brought in a bunch of framed prints and paintings including 2 water colours and a large print of frolicking baby angels-I’m not kidding. Another batch of cups and saucers showed up this week, there is quite a selection in stock at the moment. Grab them while they last, they won’t last past wedding season. Two manual typewriters arrived, a Remington and an Underwood. Other antique arrivals this week include: an oak fireplace mantle, an unusual wicker chair with a wooden base, a funky red hump trunk-a photo is attacked, a pair of pine ladder back chairs, a kidney shaped French provincial server, a bunch of odd chairs including a mid century modern arm chair, a wicker laundry basket, a folding iron plant stand, a maple school desk and chair, a couple of pieces of outdoor cement décor, 2 metal watering cans, some decorative iron pieces, and more. The award for the most unusual item of the week goes to a large set of diesel engine and mechanical books in a wooden case.

May 7, 2018

The big storm knocked down some trees at The Barn, and as I’m writing this we still only have partial power, so we just brought in new stuff in the dark. This week before the storm a shipment of reproductions arrived from Vancouver which included pieces from our two newest lines: the large Cintra sideboard and the Santa Fe display cabinet, photos of both are attached. Other arrivals include: Alfresco large sideboard and console table, Irish coast nest of tables in sundried, servers in African dusk, and the small coffee table in black olive. Check out our reproductions page for more information. Lots of antique chairs showed up this week including: Chippendale, rosewood, 6 oak dinning chairs that had a refectory table to go with them and many more. Other antique arrivals include: an oak umbrella stand, an Imperial loyalist chest of drawers, a pair of vintage goalie pads, a Queen size brass bed, another assortment of cups and saucers, 2 brass fire extinguishers, a heavy iron basket, a postal scale, and a hardware scale stamped Hamilton, a French style night stand with an unusual hidden door, 2-5′ rustic benches, a large outside door, a small one door walnut bookcase, decanters, a lava bowl with pump, some depression glass, a brass poker set, a push mower in time for spring in case you are old school, and lots more. Hopefully the power will be fully restored soon because shopping in the dark makes it hard to match colours.

April 30, 2018

The cup and saucer junkies have been getting their fix at The Barn again this week. A big batch of cups and saucers came in including: Paragon, Aynsley, Hammersley, Grosvenor Jackson & Gosling, Royal Chelsea, and more. Antique furniture arrivals this week include: a French Empire marble top commode-a photo is attached, a crank oval Victorian dinning room table with 2 leaves, 1/4 cut oak sideboard with leaded glass doors, a press back rocker, walnut china cabinet, Primitive buffet and hutch with white paint crackle finish, Victorian server, a large French style pine armoire-a photo is attached, and a set of six inlaid mahogany chairs. More arrivals this week include: 4 crystal decanters, a leaded glass window, a rocking horse, a collection of photo frames, a 49 piece Limoges luncheon set, a lot of 23 Britains Ltd. toy soldiers, lots of sets of crystal glasses, a galvanized boiler, 2 large ornate silver plate trays, some nicely framed prints, leather bags and purses, a complete set of barn door hardware, a fireplace fender, 2 really nice antique faux fireplace inserts, a couple of china tea pots, a carved wooden bust, and lots more.

April 23, 2018

It looks like spring may have finally sprung, and just in time some outdoor metal birds showed up: owls, pelicans, and woodpeckers to go with the blue jays, cardinals, peacocks, pink flamingos, and many more we already have in stock. Some of this week’s antique furniture arrivals include: a terrific large rolled oak bow front cabinet-a photo is attached, a pair of surprisingly comfy wing chairs-a photo is attached, a rustic wash stand, mid century modern vanity stool, a set of 6 ladder back chairs, wicker lamp table, adjustable cast iron and wood school desk, a nice Empire rocking chair, a carved oak court cupboard, and a steamer trunk. More antique arrivals this week include: a 1920’s Remington typewriter, crystal and marble centre piece, a lot of antique tools, an attic spinning wheel, a gone with the wind oil lamp and assorted oil lamps, jewel and trinket boxes, assorted framed oil paintings, sad irons, crystal vases, cloisonné, assorted china including an Aynsley 7700 cobalt blue and gold floral place setting, 5 piece silver plate tea service, tiffany style table lamp, Wedgwood condiment set, assorted lighting fixtures including a swag lamp and bronze and crystal chandeliers, another barn door, ceramic urns, an early cast iron apple peeler, and lots more. The award for most unusual item of the week is a tie between an 18th century bone cork screw and a set of 1914 bath tub taps.

April 16, 2018

We don’t often talk about books in this section but two great leather bound sets came in this week: ”My Bookhouse for Children” by Olive Beaupre Miller, 1925 edition-6 volume set, and “Waverly Pictoral Dictionary”-8 volume set. Both sets contain many terrific photographs, and the Waverly set is in immaculate condition. Antique furniture arrivals this week include: a heavily carved oak sideboard, a small oak china cabinet, a pair of French cane back arm chairs, small mahogany bookcase/server, set of 6 walnut chairs, ash wash stand, large Victorian buffet, Canadiana pine blanket box, pine wine rack, mahogany Hepplewhite server, fiddle back Windsor chair, vanity bench, and mahogany corner cabinet. Lots of antique mirrors came in this week including an Empire shaving mirror and a large Eastlake mirror painted white. We’ve had a run of some terrific antique smalls lately, that continued this week with items including: a nice silver Champagne bucket, a pair of silver candelabras, 2 large crystal vases, 3 crystal decanters, a pair of early 20th century Nippon vases, lots of cups and saucers including-Shelley, Paragon, Foley, Aynsley and many more, multiple brass and copper pieces, a brass train rack, a powder horn, European horse brass, a nice pair of Baldwin brass candle sticks, 4 porcelain piggy banks, a large Rococo candle stick, assorted wall art, a set of 8 signed Henry A. Pausch plates, and lots more. The award for most unusual item of the week goes to and early Afghani bush rifle.

April 9, 2018

The Barn got in barn doors this week and that’s not a typo, four normal size doors and a large 7′ X 8′ barn door complete with tracks and hardware. We keep getting asked for barn doors now, we have some; and just for good measure we have a nine step staircase from the barn as well. A shipment of reclaimed wood furniture arrived from Vancouver including: Large bookcases, nest of tables, coffee and end tables, and sideboards. We are going to be carrying two exciting new reproduction lines soon called Santa Fe and Cintra, samples of both sideboards came in this week-photos are attached. Many more pieces from both lines will be coming soon including some Cintra pieces that will be exclusive to The Barn. Antique furniture arrivals this week include: an Empire table desk, pine wash stand, primitive pine blanket box, small wine rack, sewing cabinet, 8 gunstock chairs, a pair of Windsor arm chairs, a marble top coffee table, and a nice bentwood rocker. Lots of antique odds and ends this week including: 3 Spanish bronze chandeliers, a crystal chandelier, a pair of gilt and crystal light fixtures, a brass and iron light fixture, a pair of movie spot lights, a lamp made from a wagon wheel hub, a 3piece mirror and wall sconce set, a gun rack, a large Canadian decoy, lots of mirrors and books including a vintage “The Art of Star Wars” book, a deer antler hat rack, linens, Sunkist barrel, oak coat rack shelf, 1948 black table top phone, a pair of oak floor model candle holders, and lots of sterling and plated silver pieces including a nice 5piece tea set.

April 1, 2018

This week lots of great antique smalls came in, too much to unpack in one week. Some of the items we did get unpacked include: four sets of dishes; a 90 piece Noritake set-Laurel pattern, a 60 piece Enoch Wedgewood Tunstall set-green and white, a 48 piece Royal Doulton set-white with a silver rim, and a 28 piece Royal Crown derby set-blue Mikado. Lots of sterling silver and silver plate arrived including: flatware sets, odd pieces of flatware, a fantastic sterling cigar case, candelabra, candle holders, platters, salt and peppers, a communion set, entrée dishes, tea sets, a sugar shaker, mint dishes, candy dishes, and serving dishes. Antique furniture arrivals include:a small carved entrance bench-a photo is attached, a 1920’s walnut vanity and mirror by Malcolm, round wicker coffee table, English Oak gate leg table, a couple of coffee tables, bowl and pitcher stand, plant stands, some odd wicker chairs, assorted living room and dinning room chairs, and some odd stools. Some good cast iron pieces came in inclusive of decorative pieces, 2 tractor seats including 1 Massey Harris, and a pair of bench ends; in case someone wants a project. Odds and ends include: an adjustable shaving mirror, hat mirror, a lot of cups and saucers, large electric fireplace and mantle, a wash board, table top balance scale-marked Montreal, a framed needlepoint sampler, a floor lamp with a mica shade, a coca cola cooler, and assorted pictures and frames including a couple of nice paintings.

March 26, 2018

This week a large Springwater shipment arrived, check out our Reproductions page for details. Springwater arrivals include: ladder bookcases, clipper trunks, tilt bins, bucket benches, milk benches, tall sideboards, 3 cube cubby benches, 6 cube high cubbies, a cathedral mirror, foyer table, and a new item; a small 2 door bookcase called an Acadian cabinet. Everyone seems to like the new Springwater colours, so we’ve been stocking items in a greater variety of colours; eleven different colours in this shipment. A fantastic 7′ by 4′ live edge table turned up. And the parade of outdoor items continues, this week: 3 piece powder coated patio sets in three different colours-a photo is attached, retro loveseat gliders in red and white- a photo is attached, and cool wild animal themed fire pits. Antique arrivals this week include: a violin by Hinchcliffe- Ottawa, 1860 framed map of Canada west-approximately 12”x 16”, a drop leaf server, a pair of tub chairs, a small inlaid drum table, sewing cabinet, wicker pieces including; 2 chairs, night stand, plant stand, small cabinet, and towel cabinet, 3 trunks, super tool chest, elm dresser and mirror, walnut sofa table, half moon table, 3 corner table, 2 folding bar stools, 4 drawer painted dresser, extra wide chaise lounge, small home microscope, 2 chandeliers, assorted smalls including a lot of Royal Doulton figurines, a lot of crystal, and more.

March 19, 2018

An odd collection of reproduction furniture came in this week including the Cruz media units and end tables, Irish coast black olive servers, a funky three frame coat hanger, the Vintage media units, Irish coast African dusk chairs, nest of tables, and night stands. For details on these items check out our reproductions page. We’ve gotten so many requests for the Vintage media units that we’ve decided to make it a regular stocked item. Antique furniture arrivals this week include: one of the best oak singer sewing machines we’ve ever seen-a photo is attached, 2 Krug office arm chairs, 2 oval Victorian style lamp tables, 3 retro 50’s style chrome and red leather bar stools, 2 magazine tables, oak tea trolley, green plush velvet tub chair, a nest of tables, smoke stand, vanity bench, plant stands, storage stool, and 2 comfy bedroom benches. Some other interesting antique arrivals this week include:1920’s Art Deco glass and iron ceiling light fixture-a photo is attached, Large Ukrainian water urn, a quantity of cups and saucers, an assortment of books, a Tiffany style leaded lamp, a miscellaneous lot of china, a lot of pictures, frames, and paintings including 2 nice water colours, a candle stand, iron poker set, 3 closet mirrors, garden planter, a giant ceramic living room lamp, bowl and pitcher, a thunder mug and more.

March 12, 2018

This week lots of interesting antique smalls came in including: a sterling silver flatware set [setting for 8], a bunch of sterling candle sticks and candle holders, a nice Bohemian glass candle stick, lots of cups and saucers, a large Victorian cheese dish, a plated silver flatware set [setting for 12], a bunch of silver plated flatware and hollowware, cast iron scale, figurines, retro skates, 3 framed Barry Barnett prints, 5 nice old leaded glass windows and more. Antique furniture arrivals this week include: a National baby grand piano-photo attached, Canadiana pine sideboard-photo attached, large marble top wash stand, small oak hall seat, dough board end table, wicker sofa table, Knechtel tea wagon, a nice pair of walnut single beds, piano bench, spinet desk, maple Sklar dinning room server, iron and marble floor lamp, assorted chairs, rockers, and stools, drop leaf kitchen table and 4 chairs, folding iron and wicker privacy screen, a nice mahogany four poster bed, and more. We continue to bring in outdoor items in preparation for the warmer weather, which will come. Lots of Kinetic wind spinners came in, we have 12 different models including last years favorites and some new ones, a photo is attached. Also some fun outdoor items including: egg baskets, crab baskets, tricycle planters, heavy steel square planters in three sizes, 42” stars, Canadian flag on barn board, hanging wall plant stands, and of coarse a rusty beaver holding an axe. We drastically underestimated the pent up demand for pink flamingos, they have been our most popular item over the last couple of weeks, so we brought in another big batch. I think everyone is ready for spring!

March 5, 2018

A huge variety of new arrivals showed up this week including a new batch of wine bottle figures-photo attached, a cool 4 panel wall hanging navigation map of the world, French style iron base vanity bench, a large retro style bar made of acacia wood and metal, and the Cruz sideboard and highboard are back in stock-see the reproductions page for details. Lots of outdoor items came in including: 5 different types of arbours, garden gnomes including the bobblehead garden gnomes that were so popular last year, large and small bicycle planters, metal birds-owls, peacocks, cardinals, and of course we have blue jays. Some cool new outdoor metal animals came in: pigs and elephants-a photo is attached. Antique furniture arrivals this week include: a 5 piece Art Deco bedroom set, Canadian made console table with 2 leaves, maple student’s desk, sofa table chest, walnut bookcase table, scalloped walnut coffee table, Queen Anne library desk, cedar cedar chest, Eastlake platform rocker, and assorted chairs. Antique odds and ends this week include: an Art Deco table top radio, 4 trunks in various sizes, brass poker set, 2 different 400 day clocks, 1756 framed document, Eastlake blackboard, a selection of cross and olive crystal glasses, 4 early electrified candle lamps, 1 night light candle light, and assorted smalls inclusive of china and crystal.

February 26, 2018

This week we got in a bran new line of full length made in Canada bevelled mirrors in assorted colours-photo attached. The outdoor items continue to trickle in, this week hanging wall plant stands, iguanas, and of course lots of pink flamingos. Antique furniture arrivals this week include: a mahogany sideboard in excellent condition, wing chair, Vilas 7 drawer lingerie chest, ladder back school desk, retro blue velour arm chair and matching stool, pedestal farm table, assorted chairs, and an ornate French style table and six chairs in excellent condition-photo attached. A bunch of sterling silver pieces showed up this week, some of the highlights include a Victorian tea pot, 4 piece tea set, 3 piece cream and sugar, and assorted vases. Some antique odds and ends include: a 5’6” buffet mirror, a tiger oak bevelled mirror, horse yoke, a collection of 60 double prints, urn lamp, a pair of 3 arm wall sconces and 3 more pairs of 2 arm wall sconces, a pair of vintage steel living room lamps, 2 onyx coffee table lighters, a couple of royal doulton figures, assorted tins, a hand warmer, and more. The award for most unusual item of the week goes to a 1920’s double pedestal cast iron sink.

February 21, 2018

Sometimes things come around again, years ago we used to carry a popular line of resin figure lamps that got discontinued. We found a new similar line and the first arrivals showed up this week. A photo of a couple of the bears lamps is attached. There are many others including tulip lamps for those who remember them. We also got in some mosaic plant stands as the spring outdoor items continue to dribble in. A shipment of reclaimed wood furniture arrived from Vancouver including: 3 drawer night stands, writing tables, adjustable bookcases, coffee tables, and the large media units. We found a brand new line called Santa fee that is nice and very reasonably priced, the first samples showed up this week; a pair of night stands-photo attached. There will be more Santa Fee coming soon! Antique arrivals this week include: A Chippendale settee, sewing table desk, lots of coffee table books, 2 large pieces of etched glass, a nice folding youth bed, upright mahogany Victrola, pine electronics cabinet, ornate camphor chest, a nice dresser tray-photo attached, oval mahogany mirror, floor model champagne bucket on stand, and assorted smalls including an emerald green and gold filigree condiment set, floral pressed glass centre piece, pink depression glass pieces, and more. The award for most unusual item of the week goes to a woman riding a unicorn tulip lamp.

February 14, 2018

As the snow continues to fall, we are getting ready for spring at The Barn. Over the next couple of months, we will bring in all kinds of fun and unusual outdoor items, and the first few items showed up this week – planters and giant outdoor coolers made from recycled oil drums. A photo of a boat cooler is attached; spring will come. A shipment of icebox cabinets also arrived, including the media unit size, a server size, and a new large, tall size. Some oddball reproduction pieces showed up, including large cast-iron keys, round grey metal planters, and a funky blanket box with an iron latch. Our replica tin signs were our best-selling Christmas gift item this past season; we restocked them this week and got all kinds of new tin signs, including lots of funny signs, which were the best seller. Antique furniture arrivals this week include: a large Chippendale highboy – photo attached, a Canadian walnut cedar chest by Honderich, a hanging curio cabinet, a six-drawer wicker dresser, two nice walnut wine tables, a redone quarter-cut oak rocker with caned seat and back, an English roped edge buffet, an inlaid accent chair, a Queen Anne nest of tables, a small maple bookcase, an unusual refectory mahogany Duncan Phyfe table, a small pine bench with lift seat, a Chippendale footstool, assorted chairs, and a double-mirrored Art Deco wardrobe. Some of the antique odds-and-ends this week include: ammo boxes and a military helmet, a 1945 crock, a large oil painting, a pair of Wedgewood style lamps, a life preserver, a double planter, an early electric Majestic heater, a pair of crystal and brass wall sconces with clear and emerald green prisms, a six-light Capodimonte chandelier, assorted lamps, a large beer stein, and more.

February 7, 2018

This week a wide variety of antique lighting came in, including: a large crystal chandelier, colonial copper lamp, 8-light Capo de Monte chandelier, brass chandelier, banquet oil lamp, C.P.R. railroad lamp, Dietz barn lantern, an assortment of Aladdin oil lamps, interchangeable wall mount or table top oil lamp, plus a bunch more oil lamps. We also got in a fair bit of china this week: platters, vegetable bowls, a large Limoges platter, and a 75-piece set of Minton dishes. Antique furniture arrivals this week include: mahogany chest-on-chest and matching dresser with mirror by Huntley, set of 6 teak chairs, folding outdoor rocker, 4′ church pew, walnut dresser, walnut radio cabinet, ornate fireside bench, mid-century modern swivel leather chair and stool, pine Boston nursing rocker, pine blanket box, pine treasure box, ornate living room chair, pine blanket stand, teak dining room table, oak chest of drawers [great piece for painting], and a pair of unusual curved-back chairs. Some odds and ends from this week include: a medicine cabinet, oval bamboo center piece, Clairtone floor model stereo (working well), iron and brass scale-photo attached, various sets of crystal glasses including a funky gold rimmed set with decanter, a lot of LP’s, and a butter box.

January 31, 2018

This week we got in a large and very colourful shipment from Springwater Ontario- see the reproductions page for details. The ladder shelves are our best seller from Springwater and they keep selling out, so we got a bunch, in five different colours-photo attached. Other Springwater arrivals include: chimney bookcases, 6 cube cubby, clipper trunk, jam cupboard, tater bins, tall sideboards, milk bench, Haggerty side table, foyer table, and harvest tables. Antique furniture arrivals this week includes: large Victorian spinet desk-photo attached, 3 drop leaf tables, 5 drawer Florentine night stand, oval pine dining room table, pedestal farm table, solid walnut china cabinet, set of 6 ladder back chairs, tea wagon, solid walnut tall narrow curio cabinet with acorn motif, and a Lincoln style rocker. Other antique arrivals this week include: a collection of Satsuma and Japanese vases-photo attached, faux fireplace electric heater, working singer sewing machine and bench, assortment of paintings and pictures, large round cable reel [would make a cool coffee table, 3 seater toboggan, Italian musical jewelry box, flower pot on stand, assorted small brass pieces, 2 mini easels, a pair of cherub table lamps, candle holders [wall and table top], a slide rule, and assorted smalls. The film companies bought out all our old pine boards last week, so we brought in another lot.

January 22, 2018

The lost shipment of reclaimed wood furniture showed up this week as did a regularly scheduled shipment-a two for one! We’ve restocked some items we were sold out of, the Irish coast three drawer night stands, small dining room table, and the small bookcase with adjustable shelves[Check out the reproductions page for details]. Other Irish coast reclaimed arrivals include: media units, servers, large sideboard, coffee and end tables, and a couple of items we haven’t been able to get for years, the Irish coast wine rack-photo attached, and the Lifestyle two drawer file cabinet. Antique furniture arrivals this week include: a refinished 9 piece oak dining room set[buffet, china cabinet, table and six chairs], piano stool, Duncan Fyfe drop leaf coffee table, walnut Chippendale sideboard, round empire lamp table, magazine rack, 2 what knots, Chippendale roped edge end table, 3 piece very large rococo coffee and end table set, late Victorian pump organ by Dominion-Bowmanville Ontario, teak buffet, round oak kitchen table on legs, and 3 rocking chairs. Other antique arrivals this week include: a pair of pewter wall sconces, a collection of lighters, 3 sets of andirons, large wine barrel, pair of ornate wooden lamps, pair of brass pillar lamps, floor lamp, 2 funky large framed pictures, and a Capo de Monte chandelier. It was a big week for Rentals at The Barn we saw folks from Anne of Green Gables, Designated Survivor, Shadow Hunters, Lock and Key, Impulse, Franklin-movie, and even The Toronto blue Jays rented a couple of pieces for their Winter Fest at Rogers centre. As long time Blue Jays fans we thought that was pretty cool!

January 15, 2018

This week a shipment of reclaimed wood furniture showed up from Vancouver, lots of office furniture: large desks, small desks, and file cabinets. We’ve restocked the Irish coast blanket box and a couple of new items: the Tofino dinning bench, and the Campestre modern coffee table-photo attached. Antique arrivals this week include: a black manual underwood typewriter, brass Williamsburg light fixture, 2 guilt mirrors[1 round, 1 rectangular], Hans Halbach painting, 2 brass lamps, a top hat, tools, wash board, a lot of antique kitchen utensils, books, German tremolo concert harp, oval and rectangular Victorian picture frames, framed needle point, miscellaneous silver plate including some miniatures, tins, lighters, a Dutch sailboat lamp made from a wooden shoe, brass tea pot on stand with kerosene lighter, and appropriately some framed winter scenes. More chandeliers and wall sconces were put on display in brass, bronze and crystal. We even brought in some antique furniture including: a Gibbard table desk, pair of French arm chairs, pair of oval oak lamp tables, square oak kitchen table, rocking chair, set of 4 hoop back kitchen chairs, and an oak draw leaf table. We have included a photo of the most unusual item of the week, we’re not sure what to call it, sculpture thing is what we’re going with for now.

January 10, 2018

The cold weather delayed a shipment of reclaimed wood furniture this week, it’s in a rail car somewhere. At The Barn we always have a large inventory of antique pieces that are not in the building, so we just brought in more antique pieces. Some great pieces came in including a rare 85 inch long inlaid mahogany Sheraton sideboard-a photo is attached, its a big one. Lots of great electric and candle lighting came in including: a large Tiffany style ceiling fixture with 8 curved panels, large rod iron candelabra that stands on the floor, Louie XV chandelier, cast iron 6 light medieval ceiling fixture, luster lamps, girandole candelabras in brass and bronze, and lots more lamps and lights. Other antique arrivals include: a walnut camel back sofa-photo attached, regulator clock, hump trunk, 2 pillars-76” tall, 2 school desks, Art Deco campaign style drop front desk, small painted bookcase, mahogany leather top drum table, round walnut pedestal lamp table, library hall table, 3′ x 5′ mahogany office desk in nice condition, oak medicine cabinet, nest of 3 outdoor wrought iron tables, pair of Louie XV style chairs, pair of Queen Anne mahogany lamp tables, portable singer sewing machine-it sews well we checked, 1960’s Sea breeze tape recorder and lots more. The award for most unusual item[s] of the week goes to an antique porcelain diaper pail and child’s bath tub.

January 3, 2018

We hope everyone survived the holidays, stayed warm and didn’t get buried in snow! During the holidays we get about two weeks where we don’t received any shipments of new or refurbished items. That means we have more room to bring in antique pieces. Highlights include: a terrific three piece inlaid European parlour set-photos attached, several round and oval kitchen tables including one made of quarter cut oak, set of 4 north wind press back chairs, a collection of copper kettles, a chunky modern drop front desk, gone with the wind lamp, wooden mortar and pestle, large pair of blue and white china lamps with marble bases, set of 4 iron chairs with wood seats and backs, a nice pair of Louie XV style arm chairs, wall console and mirror, sewing table, swivel office chair, pine drop leaf table, assorted chairs and rocking chairs, vintage record player, mirrors, and assorted china, crystal and copper pieces. We also keep bringing in new lighting fixtures from the remains of an antique lighting store we bought out a while back. We keep getting asked for small church pews, so we dug one out and brought it in-photo is attached. Here’s wishing everyone a great 2018!