This past week we got in an enormous shipment of reclaimed wood furniture. We’ve restocked a bunch of pieces from our Provence line including: coffee tables, benches, and the extension dinning table. We are having trouble keeping the Provence line in stock, its been more popular than we anticipated. There is lots more Provence on the way. The sundried hall table is back, as is the large armoire in African dusk-a photo is attached. We also stocked up on Irish Coat African dusk pieces for fall: large & medium dinning tables, large sideboards, and Large Lifestyle desks. You can check out our Reproductions page for photos and details. Antique furniture arrivals included: all kinds of chairs[French side chair, Captain’s chairs, carved Victorian side chairs, wicker chairs, nursing rocker, Louie 16th arm chair, accent chairs, bedroom chairs, sets of dinning chairs, etc.], tables[large leather top lamp table, wine table, carved lamp table, small round Gibbard coffee table, piecrust lamp table, etc.], gout stool, and more. Additional arrivals included: lots of nice floor lamps, Duncan Phyfe silver chest with flatware set, 3 early sleighs, a selection of crocks, 2 Canadian butter boxes, viewmaster with discs, oil lamps, records, tool boxes and tools, cranberry vase and pickle cruet, assorted flatware, assorted framed paintings, Smith Corona portable manual typewriter, assorted china, assorted kitchen tools, copper kettle, 2 large sets of candle sticks, and lots more. The award for most unusual item of the week goes to an 18th century bronze 3 legged spirit sauce pan by Robert Street & Co.