For anyone wondering, the middle photo this week is a Howdah. A Howdah is a chair or bed used for riding an elephant or camel. It even has the holes drilled for attaching a canopy. It is good for all your elephant riding needs, which should come in handy in Ontario. One of our customers said it would make a fantastic dog bed. Antique furniture arrivals this week included: heavy iron coat tree, dovetailed pine blanket box, rare 8′ long sofa table, large walnut dropleaf table, assorted small tables, walnut half moon table, T. Eaton Co. miniature parlour table, walnut magazine table, and more. A photo is attached of 4 of the always popular wood crates. More fun arrivals included: 2 brass wood boxes, a batch of oil lamps, a collection of sad irons and trivets, 2 stained glass windows, small cathedral clock, bowls galore[china, wood, brass, etc.], cream can, window mirror, assorted miniatures, mason jars, planters, block and tackle, and lots more. If you are a regular reader of these updates and you’ve noticed that we mention magazine tables nearly every week, it’s not the same one! We get and sell lots of magazine tables. We don’t think many of them get used for magazines these days, but they are handy little tables just the same.