What a difference a week makes, things are changing fast. For those readers who don’t know I write this update over the weekend in between helping customers, and it gets posted on Mondays. So as of now we are planning to stay open, however things could change quickly and we may have to close temporarily. If we do close we will post a notice on our website. We will be suspending the weekly updates until things get back to normal. Doesn’t normal sound great at the moment!
I will say that an enormous amount of new items came in this past week including a shipment of reclaimed wood furniture. We’ve had a bunch of new china cabinets come in lately, so we unpacked dozens of boxes and filled them up with all kinds of goodies. And as always a pile of antiques arrived.
We have shipments already en route for the next couple of weeks. A truckload from our “Nature Form” line is coming on Tuesday, 6 sizes of the ever popular stump vases are included as is lots more great stuff. Another shipment of reclaimed wood furniture is also coming next week including a great new large hall seat from our Provence line. The long awaited Provence small bookcases that were specially designed and created just for The Barn will be in that shipment. The following week there is two shipments of outdoor items arriving.
So as long as we are able to stay open there will be lots of great new stuff. And if we temporary close that just means that there will be even more great new stuff when we reopen. We are pausing the updates temporarily because it is one less thing to deal with at the moment.
Please everyone stay calm and safe, better days will come.