This week we decided to take a break from the “Quarantine Series” to write about what we used to exclusively write about in this space, new arrivals! Next week we will post a new article on the history of The Barn. We did a little research and found some things we didn’t even know about the history of The Barn including an article about the Barn in Maclean’s magazine from 1924.

We always bring in lots of new items for spring, and when we had to shut down mid March lots of our spring merchandise was already enroute. Here is a brief summary of what arrived between when we shut down mid March until just before we reopened 11 days ago. Some scheduled shipments we were able to stop in March before they shipped. But as things are starting to move again we are beginning to receive those shipments as well. In a couple of weeks we will post an update about all the new arrivals since we reopened. This was a lot simpler before the pandemic, but wasn’t everything?

First, several shipments of reclaimed wood furniture arrived. We restocked many pieces in our Irish Coast line. We also received some long awaited new items in our Provence line. I’ve attached photos of the Provence Hall Seat, as well as the Provence Small Bookcases. More details are available on our Reproductions page.

Two days before we closed in March we received a shipment from our Nature Form line. That shipment has now been sorted and is out on display. The bulk of the shipment was the very popular stump vases. Two floor model sizes arrived as did four table top sizes including doubles. Some other highlights from that shipment included: assorted child’s animal stools, large teak hand carved bowls, canoe bookcases, Corona boat paddles[the beer Corona not the virus], buddhas, croakers, 26” Harley motorbike[a photo is attached], and assorted wooden animal figures. More photos can be seen on our Reproductions page.

A large shipment of bobblehead garden gnomes arrived. As did three piece cast iron outdoor bistro sets in two colours. And more metal birds for our ever growing aviary.

Antique arrivals included: a terrific Moorcroft vase, lots of great cups and saucers[Paragon, Aynsley, Shelley, Royal Albert, etc.], a collection of Dresden figurines, Duncan Phyfe oval nest of tables, pair of Queen Anne end tables, small wall cabinet, two piece French mahogany curio cabinet with ormolu accents, a collection of wood planes, rosewood corner chair, Oriental style nest of tables and 4 panel screen, 2 inlaid folding tables, nice dropleaf sewing table, oval folding table, a lot of china florals, 1950’s bake table, extremely rare Honderich cedar chest with very unusual design[we have never seen one like it before], large four glass sided store display cabinet, an unusually narrow quarter cut oak Art’s & Craft’s style barrister’s bookcase, a collection of brass candle holders, Canadianna jam cupboard painted white, unusual folding chalkboard, Victorian loveseat, and assorted small tables & odd chairs. We also put out on display about a dozen new chandeliers in various styles.