As you are probably aware, the government of Ontario has imposed a mandatory lockdown for nonessential businesses until at least December 21st, for businesses in Peel and Toronto. We are located in Peel and therefore will be closed to instore shopping for at least the next four weeks. We will reopen as soon as the lockdown has ended.

We are still open for curbside pickup and delivery. If there are item[s] you would like to purchase, please just send us an email and please include your phone number. We will contact you to arrange delivery, or a curbside pickup time. Photos of many of our new pieces can be seen on our Reproductions page for your reference. If you require pricing or dimensions, we are happy to provide them upon request.

Believe it or not it has already been six months since the first lockdown ended and we reopened. Lets hope this is the last lockdown needed. During the first lockdown we received many requests from customers wanting to come into the store to shop. We ask that you do not make such requests, we will be following the lockdown rules and encourage everyone to do the same.

The good news is that we have lots of great new items on the way that will arrive during the lockdown. And tons of great antique items already in storage. So by the time we reopen The Barn will be packed with all kinds of new goodies. There will be far too many to list but we will provide some highlights of new arrivals before we reopen.

We will continue to post updates on this page every Monday. The three photos attached to this update are of some of this week’s new items. We will attach three photos of new arrivals to each update during the lockdown. We will also bring back the quarantine series that became popular among many readers of this page during the last lockdown.

For anyone who has a piece on order that is scheduled to arrive before Christmas, not to worry. Everything is still on the way and we will contact everyone to arrange delivery or curbside pickup, once your item[s] arrive.

We know this lockdown is coming at a bad time for holiday shoppers. We have been putting out new Christmas themed items all week. We will leave all our holiday items out on display until at least New Year’s day, for anyone needing late holiday items.

If there is anything I haven’t covered in this update, please feel free to email us your questions. Please stay safe and healthy, and we hope to see everyone soon.