This past week we got in the first pieces of a new teak root line we will be carrying. These pieces are made from the root systems of teak trees. Teak takes up to two hundred years to rot in the ground. In countries like Indonesia and Thailand, there exists a great deal of unusable land from teak tree plantations, where the trees have long since been cut down. Because the root systems take so long to rot, the land is unusable. Recently locals have been removing the stumps from the ground and turning them into furniture and accessories. We love this because it creates some fantastic pieces, and it’s environmentally friendly. A photo is attached of some of the new pieces. There are tables and benches, but the coolest items are amazing table centerpieces that can be used as bowls but look like amazing natural sculptures. Because the natural form is maintained, each piece is unique.

We also got it some fun new mostly Canadianna themed decorative items. A photo is attached of a few of the pieces. Lots of fun signs, boat oars, wooden figures, decoys, and other fun stuff. My favorite is the ugly fish.

In addition, a large batch of replica tin signs arrived in a variety of sizes and designs. The smallest are six inches. The largest is over nine feet long. That is not a typo, nine feet long!

New antique furniture arrivals included: 2 oak library desks[ 1 small, 1 large quarter cut], small pine blanket chest, 4 drawer desk/chest combo, 3′ x 5′ mahogany office desk, 6 banker’s chairs[2 oak arm, 4 maple side], walnut spinet desk, school master’s desk, 4 nice Windsor chairs, small round outdoor coffee table, rustic 3′ x 6′ kitchen table, cedar chest, oak stool, 2 cast iron and wicker chairs, corner folding what knot, Muskoka child’s chair, and more.

Antique odds & ends from this past week included: four 7′ wooden ladders, step ladder painted white, Wrigley’s gumball dispenser, 2 nice crocks, 2 treadle sewing machine bases, 2 sewing machines, 7 mirrored placemats, assorted china plates, stone carving, tree de-barker, Rapid Flyer red tricycle, 2 Canadian made decoys, large retro mirror, a nice collection of 17 railroad & barn lights-a photo is attached, and more.