Next week we will update some of the antique items we have brought in just before and during lockdown. This week, since we are not sure when the lockdown will end and posting new arrival updates during the holidays is difficult. We thought we would post an update on all the newly made or reproduction items that have just arrived or will arrive by the end of the month.

Just before the lockdown started we got in a batch of cast iron pieces that are always popular for Christmas presents. So much for that plan! Lots of cast iron bookends and some cast iron bells. 

A few days into the lockdown we got in the biggest Springwater Woodcraft shipment we have ever received. The wait times for Springwater orders just keep getting longer, plus we were sold out of 90% of the Springwater items we carry, so we really stocked up. New Springwater arrivals include: ladder shelves, 3 & 4 foot bucket benches, tall sideboards, farmhouse sideboards, 2 & 3 cube cubby benches, night stands, tall bookcases, 6 cube high cubbies, jam cupboards, plank shelves, tater bins, chalet benches, multicoloured garden slat bench, Haggerty side tables, double flip panel coffee table, chimney bookcases, and foyer tables. The best thing about Springwater products are the terrific finishes, lots of colours that pop. The Barn looks a lot more colourful since we brought everything in. We also stock black and white if colour popping is not your thing. All our most popular Springwater items are now in stock in multiple colours. Our best selling ladder shelves are in stock in eight different colours.

Some of our shipping dates for reclaimed wood furniture have been pushed back until early 2021. The demand for the product is extremely high at the moment, so things are taking a little longer. But we do have one shipment that will be arriving Christmas week. We’ve been sold out of the large Lifestyle desks for months, they will be arriving in this shipment. Also arriving from our Irish Coast African Dusk line will be: Large bookcases, media units, large end tables, and large extension dinning tables. The Provence round extension dinning table is coming as well.

If you’ve been in The Barn over the last few months you’ve probably noticed our rapidly expending supply of replica tin signs. We have another large shipment of signs arriving by the end of the month. The signs are a lot of fun, and we can all use some more fun these days, come on 2021!