Why not get an early start on Spring! We were able to move up our shipment of garden gnomes that was scheduled to arrive in March. Instead, they arrived this past week. Our garden gnomes were a big seller for Christmas, we were left with one sad lonely gnome. We now have 18 different gnomes in stock, so he has lots of friends. With the exception of the large bobblehead gnomes, we usually only put one of each out on display, but if you would like pairs or more, just ask, we have more. The most exciting thing about this shipment is that there are two new large gnomes, photos are below.

We have added a new section called Arcadia, with lots of photos, to our Reproduction page. Arcadia is an exciting new line, coming soon, but you can pre order now! Here is a link.

Newly arrived antique furniture includes: 2 different walnut nests of tables, a rare rosewood canterbury magazine rack-a photo is below, round oak barley twist foyer table, pair of banded mahogany lamp tables, vintage living room chair, thatched bamboo vanity/desk, one door media night stand, mahogany tea trolley, 2 different mid-century industrial bar stools[one stamped 1968 Fergus Ontario], round leather top three shelf table, pine treasure box, and more.

Newly arrived antique non furniture includes: 2 vintage suitcases, 2 carboys, Kossak print, 6foot step ladder, 5 framed ship prints, Pepsi Cola crate, folding fire screen, wooden document box, 2 large clay planters, mahogany wall phone-a photo is below, louver door, metal kitchen clock, 2 large unusual pieces of fiberglass decoration-a photo is below, small Victorian mirror, blue trunk, wood & metal pail, brass desk lamp, brass candelabra, assorted oil paintings, vintage tins, Belleek vase, rare framed antique postcard-signed by the artist, old Foley pitcher, Hull pottery, reproduction Coke radio, Grundig mantle radio, 2 carved figures-a photo is below, hanging stained glass shape like a mask, 2 prints on papyrus paper, assorted smalls, and more.