This past week we received a shipment from Our Nature Form line. New nature Form arrivals included: rustic multicoloured night stands, rustic white hall tables and cabinets, teak natural form stump tables, elephant tables, large carved lion, 4 different type of teak bowls, CD racks[yes, we still get asked for them], boat bookcase, and a 34inch tall Buddha. All the photos below this week are from this shipment. More photos from this line can be seen on our reproductions page

New antique furniture arrivals included: large 6foot mahogany roll top desk, 1970’s maple chest of drawers, wine table, unusual mahogany rocking chair, vanity with oval mirror redone in a faux finish, small metal corner shelf, 2piece pine corner cabinet, spooled gate leg narrow drop leaf table, pine double lid coffee table, and assorted chairs. 

New antique non furniture arrivals included: lots of assorted serving trays, assorted sets of glasses, milk can painted white, French door, a couple of vintage Tiffany style ceiling light fixtures, Carl Wetzlar binoculars, pair of wall oil lamps, anchor clock, 6 miniature Buddhas, 3 miniature elephants, a collection of 20 small knives and pocket knives, closest mirror, 2 gilt mirrors, and more assorted mirrors, 3 sets of knife rests by Keltum, large wicker planter, ceramic bowl & pitcher, a bunch of flatware, gas can with a goose painted on it, large porcelain floral display, 2 different large pickle jars, assorted framed prints & paintings, iron & brass andirons, 2 different marble mortar & pestles, 5 hobnail pieces[powder boxes & perfume bottles], and more.

A rare piece in excellent condition came in this week, an 1888 oak footwarmer with a brass handle. Coal would go inside, then women would put one on the floor underneath their skirts to keep warm, often during carriage rides. Things have changed a little since 1888. But given how cold it has been lately, if we had some coal laying around, we might have tried it out this past week.