This past week we received the first pieces of a brand-new line of large replica vintage model cars, Volkswagen buses, airplanes, motorcycles, and trains. We’ve carried smaller versions of some these in the past, but these are huge. Some photos are below. A new batch of the smaller versions we used to carry are scheduled to arrive next week.

Also, large wall mounted reproduction propellers that actually spin showed up. As did a few large reproduction raised paintings.

There is a photo below of a collection of lamps made from water pipes. These are pretty cool.

Believe it or not, yet another batch of outdoor metal birds arrived, to add to the growing collection.

New antique furniture arrivals included: narrow gold & black curio cabinet, round outdoor iron dining table with plate glass top, vintage rocking chair, solid walnut sideboard and matching china cabinet, Empire bench, iron and wood school desk, large 5.5foot three door mahogany bookcase-a photo is below, child’s rocker, Duncan Phyfe lamp table, child’s desk and chair, small round lamp table, Eastlake clock shelf, piecrust lamp table, outdoor cement bench, and more.

New antique non furniture arrivals included: 2 large ceramic cherubs, vegetable seeder, child’s piano, 3 child’s guitars. 3piece doll table and chairs set, pair marble/ruby glass/crystal mantle pieces, pair ornate candle holders, candelabra, 6piece cake server set, Royal Vienna beehive urn, assorted crystal pieces, 3 signed chalet glass vases, blue & white bowl and pitcher, giant whiskey bottle and stand, lots of mirrors, paintings, prints, and more.