A big shipment from our Nature Form line arrived this week. A photo is attached of a few of the new items. Check out the Nature Form section on our Reproductions page for more photos. Nature Form arrivals included: large totem pole, 5′ carved mirror, 7 types of child’s stools, 3 sizes of large vases, 3 sizes of pedestals, green wood outdoor mushroom sculpture, Elephant wall carvings, drums, hand carved bowls, frog croakers, stump vases, lots of wooden figures[happy Buddha, motorcycle, all kinds of animals, etc.], and a large collection of wood wall plaques. Antique furniture arrivals included: oak roll top desk, small oak Chevelle mirror, high leg Hepplewhite sideboard, French inlaid tea table, dovetailed pine blanket box, nice organ stool with cast iron feet, spooled oak swivel office chair, oak china cabinet, assorted small tables and stools, and lots of living room and dinning room chairs. Lots of lighting including: double student’s lamp, trench art shell lamp, banker’s lamp, 3 colonial lamps, and a pair of industrial ceiling lights. More new arrivals included: a large lot of silver plate, globe of the earth, microscope set, copper bird, small hump trunk, wash boards, pair of ballerina wall plaques, vintage ashtray stand, large early 19th century bible, 4 gilt mirrors in various sizes, wall entranceway set[mirror, shelf, and pair of candle holders], boat motor, child’s chair with court jester, really cool and heavy large cast iron cow, and more. In a week where there was multiple items that could have been chosen as the most unusual item of the week, the award goes to an antique wagon wheel on a stand-a photo is attached.